If you’re planning a magical getaway just outside of Paris, you may be torn between the world-famous Disneyland Paris and the lesser-known Parc Asterix. How do these two charming theme parks stack up against each other? Here’s the ultimate guide to help you decide!

When it comes to ticket prices, Disneyland Paris costs a pretty penny. Our family of four shelled out a whopping £324 for a one-day visit, which covered both Disneyland Parc and the Studios. In contrast, Parc Asterix offered a much friendlier price at just £136 for a day’s fun! For wallet-watchers, Asterix has the edge here.

Accommodation is a big part of the experience, and the recently refurbished Disneyland Hotel promises a dreamy stay with exclusive perks like princess makeovers. However, it starts at £346 per person per night, which is indeed steep. Parc Asterix isn’t too far behind in terms of charm with its Les Quais De Lutèce Hôtel, offering meet-and-greet experiences and immersive dining. The cost? A significantly more reasonable €68.25 per person, including park tickets.

In the thrill department, Parc Asterix dwarfs Disneyland Paris with its eight rollercoasters, including Toutatis – the fastest ride in France. Disneyland Paris has its five coasters and a host of beloved family-friendly attractions featuring iconic characters. If it’s high-speed thrills you’re after, Parc Asterix wins, but Disney owns the nostalgia game.

When it comes to skipping the lines, both parks offer convenient passes. Disneyland’s Disney Premier Access offers packages to blitz through 16 rides but will cost you between €90 and €190. Parc Asterix counters with the Filotomatix system, ranging from €35 to €125 for various levels of queue-jumping privileges. So, your choice here depends on your budget and patience levels.

Finally, let’s talk food. Parc Asterix’s gourmet hot dog combo costs just €12, a bargain compared to a similar meal at Disney’s Casey’s Corner which can set you back €20. Drinks also come cheaper at Asterix, with a delicious cocktail in a novelty glass at €6.50, compared to Disneyland’s €20 champagne.

Both parks have their own magic, so whether you’re drawn by the whimsy of Disney or the thrilling rides of Parc Asterix, you’re bound to have a memorable time. Have you been to either of these parks? Share your experiences in the comments and let us know which one captured your heart. And don’t forget to share this article with your fellow theme park fans!