Disneyland guests were left in awe this past Wednesday as they wandered into Tomorrowland to discover an overnight transformation of the iconic Space Mountain ride. This wasn’t a reappearance of the seasonal Hyperspace Mountain overlay—no, Disneyland’s beloved attraction revealed a completely new theme, leaving visitors both thrilled and bewildered.

While it’s not unusual for Walt Disney Imagineering to revamp Space Mountain—the famed ride has seen updates across its global locations in the Magic Kingdom, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris—this latest change took everyone by surprise. Tokyo Disneyland’s Space Mountain is undergoing its own major transformation, slated for completion in 2027.

Astute Reddit user u/rosariobono captured an intriguing snapshot that showed a digital sign reading “Rockit Mountain” at the entrance of the ride, sparking nostalgia among longtime Disney fans. This lesser-known iteration, Rockit Mountain, was briefly envisioned as a nighttime-only overlay featuring music by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and an enhanced audio experience that intensified the thrills of the ride.

Originally conceptualized in 2003 and debuted briefly during a Grad Night event in 2006, Rockit Mountain infused Space Mountain with energetic vibes. It officially ran in a daytime capacity from January to April 2007, pairing up with Disney California Adventure’s Rockin’ California Screamin’ for a short-lived, high-octane experience. Despite its limited run, the memories of Rockit Mountain continue to evoke fond recollections from Disney enthusiasts.

While Rockit Mountain has not made a comeback since 2007, fans fondly remember the unique twist it brought to the Space Mountain experience. Redditor u/freyakitty reminisced, “I rode it probably 100 times, and it has been the soundtrack in my mind ever since!” Echoing this sentiment, u/keanovan added, “So glad I got to experience both rides. Likely we won’t see it happen again, since Screamin’ was rebranded as Incredicoaster.”

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