There’s a fresh, whimsical twist on a beloved classic at Disneyland Paris as the park debuts “Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland.” Enthusiasts of the original Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Alice in Wonderland” will be thrilled by this immersive and dynamic new show that’s gracing the stage from May 25 through September 29, 2024.

Set within the vibrant Walt Disney Studios Park, the show throws spectators right into the quirky, high-energy world of Wonderland, complete with musical performances, aerial acrobatics, and dazzling BMX stunts. The reinterpretation focuses on the iconic croquet match between Alice and the Queen of Hearts, with a unique twist: the audience’s enthusiasm influences the grand finale. That’s right—your cheers could determine the show’s ending!

Fans will be delighted by the creative set design. The massive stage, over 220 feet long, 80 feet deep, and 50 feet high, is adorned with pop art-inspired murals, vivid colors, and industrial elements that draw you deeper into Alice’s fantastical world. Thirteen gigantic screens frame the stage, wrapping the audience in an all-encompassing visual experience that’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the soul.

To elevate the experience, the musical soundtrack features five original songs inspired by the 1951 animated classic. These fresh tracks mirror the colorful personalities of Alice and the Queen of Hearts—Alice’s joyful pop contrasts sharply with the Queen’s commanding rock anthems. Characters like the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar, the March Hare, and the White Rabbit also join in, making for an unforgettable sing-along experience.

What’s a Wonderland show without a bit of madness? Performers exhibit their daring talents with astounding trampoline and BMX stunts, including trampoline walls that bring the action right to your feet. Live musicians further amplify the atmosphere with innovative instruments, such as drum sets crafted from heating oil tanks to resonate with the show’s modern industrial aesthetic.

Costume design is a spectacle on its own. Alice dazzles in pop star-inspired attire, while the Queen of Hearts flaunts a glamorous ensemble that perfectly encapsulates her rock demeanor. In fact, over twenty different modern costume designs were meticulously crafted to complement the show’s vibrant, eclectic vibe, from singers to dancers to musicians.

“Alice & the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” is an event you don’t want to miss. Packed with thrilling performances and interactive twists, this show promises to be a memorable journey back down the rabbit hole.

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For more details, make sure to check out the original announcement from the Disney Parks Blog [Source].